Learn How To Make a Website with Steph

A web development video course for beginners


Go from zero to website launch - no prior development experience required! Through this series of 4-14 minute videos, you will learn the essentials of web development. At the course conclusion, you'll be able to build frontend experiences using modern techniques, and have a solid foundation for continuing to learn intermediate and advanced topics.

Capstone Lessons Now Available!

The Capstone Lessons for advanced learners are now available. If you have gone through the Foundations lessons or another basics course, then you are ready for the Capstone.

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Foundations Series Schedule

The Foundations Series covers the basics of HTML and CSS and prepares you for the Capstone Project Series where you will create and launch a complete website.

All Foundations Series videos are now available as listed below, and the Capstone Project Series is nearing launch.

Capstone Project

Use your new skills to build and publish your first website!

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